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the beer, not the reptile.

the beer, not the reptile.

Tuatara (too-ah-tar-ah) - a beer named after a very special creature, unique to New Zealand and as old as the earth it self (almost...ish). 

As a bonafide living fossil, New Zealand's longest resident has been around for ages. It's best mates are no longer here having previously rubbed shoulders (well, toes - it's pretty small) with the likes of stegosaurus and velociraptor over 200 million years ago. This lone ranger is unique and well loved making it's name perfect for such an excellent Kiwi beer.

You'll noticed the bottle's pretty fancy, with a bumpy reptile patterns down it's neck. In Maori, Tuatara means 'peaks on the back' so thats what that cool feature is all about. 

From a low key brewery in the hills behind a small town to a name now known miles off shore, to say that Tuatara has taken off in the last few years is an understatement. If you don't already love it, your just plain old missing out. 

The Tuatara brewing scheme is not difficult for the uninitiated to grasp. They brew true to style, so wherever possible they go direct to the source and use the ingredients that have made that style famous. It says Bohemian Pilsner on the bottle not because it reads poetry and plays the bongos but because that’s where the yeast is from.  

The two brews we've got at Eat The Kiwi are NZ through and through, because that's what we do. Each bottle is full to the brim with New Zealandness, love, care and well, beer.





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