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curious croppers.

curious croppers.

Curious Croppers are growers of cranky but gorgeous vegetables. Anthony and Angela Tringham are the genius's behind the name and to say that they are passionate about what they do is certainly an understatement. 

The daring couple successfully found a niche market of ‘cranky and curious’ crops following a tough run of selling punnets of simple cherry tomatoes to New Zealands supermarkets. The focus has since changed dramatically. Anthony and Angela are now growers of 'cranky but gorgeous' vegetables. While the scale is not huge, the product sure is delicious.  

They call themselves ‘tiny growers’ as much of what they do just wouldn't be possible on a mass scale. They're work is manual and old fashioned and seems to be the key to achieving such intense flavour.

Simplicity is important too, allowing everything goes to seed naturally. This helps their little ecosystem stay healthy and production plentiful. What's more is that they don’t spray for the usual tomato suspects (whitefly and aphids) instead rely on a parasitic wasp and sticky traps to capture pests. 

They say their key to beautiful, rich and colourful tomatoes is to keep them stressed. Limited space and small volumes of water is their formula, we think that the amount of love and care they give their crops surely has a huge impact on the glorious outcome too. 

Super markets are no longer on their radar, instead the focus is on the local farmers market, top chefs, restaurants and specialty retail outlets in New Zealand. Hong Kong's top restaurants are now able to get their hands of these beautiful tomatoes too and... you!

We think they're the best tomatoes you'll find in Hong Kong, what do you think?




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