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dip into a classic.

dip into a classic.

Kiwi Onion Dip, what an absolute classic

This beauty was invented in 1960 when Rosemary Dempsey, a test kitchen worker at the New Zealand Nestle factory, was given the task of increasing Onion Soup sales. Whilst this may seem an uninspiring place to start, Rosemary clearly made the most of this opportunity quickly getting to work to find what she could pair it with. Something creamy with a little tang was what she was after and one of Nestles more obscure products seemed to fit the bill - reduced cream. Upon mixing the two together, the course of New Zealand history was changed. 

A simple pairing quickly became a favourite across the country and within a few years, a Kiwi icon. Since then, any social event calls for the dip. Whether it's thrown together as a treat for unexpected guests or prepared ahead for a cocktail party you can always be sure it'll be quick to make and devoured quicker. 

New Zealanders love it, expats crave it and the rest of the world is just missing out - we're putting an end to that. Kiwis, your search for a substitute can stop - we all know sour cream does not suffice. The wait is over, the dip is here -it's time to enjoy, impress and share, just like you did back in the land of the long white cloud. Happy dipping!

Instructions: Mix a can of Nestle Reduced Cream with a pack of Maggi Onion Soup and a squeeze of lemon. Pop in the fridge for 30 minutes, then serve! Best paired with fresh veggies, crackers or chips.





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