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Hong Kong's Safest Eggs.

hong kong's safest eggs.

We can confidently say that eat the kiwi have the safest eggs in Hong Kong if not the World. Woah, bold statement... we know! How can this be? It comes down to geography.

All the way at the bottom of the earth sits New Zealand, the land of the long white cloud. Keep heading south and you'll hit Antarctica (permanent population, 0). 

New Zealand's position makes it is the most isolated country on earth. Whilst this contributes to fresher air, lusher pastures and an abundance of clean water it's something else that makes our eggs so safe.

New Zealand is one of the only countries to fall outside the migration routes of birds that carry Avian Influenza.
The world's safest eggs are from New ZealandThat's right, the bird flu doesn't exist in New Zealand. In a world riddled with flu right now, it's reassuring to know New Zealand's safe from something.  

In addition to being avian flu-free, our eggs come from healthy hens who have 24/7 access to warm sunshine, clean fresh air and lush green pastures. No antibiotics, no pesticides, no artificial colour.

With naturally strong shells and rich golden yolks, they look great, taste delicious and are better for your body too. The goodness inside the eggs gets passed onto you. Higher omega-3's, minerals and vitamins help you build a fighting fit immune system. 

In addition to the fact that our eggs are flu-free, they're also sanitised. Hens only have one exit hole and the bacteria left on an un-sanitised egg can be as harmful as raw chicken.

Both Frenz eggs and Woodland eggs are hygienically washed, dried and UV sanitised to produce a germ-free exterior. Finally, the eggs are coated in a natural oil to prevent bacteria from entering the internal egg through the porous shell.

And there you have it, the safest eggs in the world. 



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