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keto for fitness fanatics.

keto for fitness fanatics.

With Hong Kong's gyms re-opening, perhaps the fitness fanatic inside you has now come to the brutal realisation that you have lacked behind on your strict diet (because 'you are what you eat,' right?) as adapting to the COVID ‘new normal’ seems to have taken over our lives.

And even if you’re not a frequent gym goer, we still have some good news for you.

We've noticed a trend in ketogenic diet — the low-carb, high-fat eating habit that essentially reduces your carbohydrate intake and replaces it with fat. What this means, especially for those with high carbohydrate sensitivities, is reduced chances of feeling tired after lunch time and developing Type II diabetes!

So, we’ve prepared a list of our expert-approved goodness that you don't want to miss to include in your Keto meals!

1. Lewis Road Butter
First and foremost, this grass-fed butter can be the perfect ingredient for your bulletproof coffee helping you avoid that dreaded blood sugar crash.

Alternatively, you can also let it melt and turn it into part of a delicious sauce. This Champions of Cheese Awards 2019 winner is ideal for cooking with giving your dish additional flavour without altering the salt content. 

2. Brinks Free Range Chicken
There is nothing that spells sustainable eating like Brinks Free-Range Chicken does - it's also 100% hormone free. Mix it up with some olive oil and feta cheese for lunch, or stuff it with pesto and some vegetables for dinner!

3. Big Glory Bay King Salmon Fillets
Seafood can (and should be) a big part of your keto diet! Tasty and 100% traceable, you can rest assured that your salmon coming from the southern-most part of New Zealand will also give you a taste of satisfaction through its melt-in-mouth texture. The cold waters in New Zealand's southern parts mean that the salmon grow slowly, developing a rich flavour and velvety texture. Don’t forget to complement it with some broccoli and cheese for your signature dish!

4. Talleys Cooked Marinated Greenshell Mussels
While garlic is a 'love it or hate it’ kind of ingredient, there is no denying that the garlicky taste makes for a great addition to your mussels with the additional wine sauce. Now, if you are not the biggest fan of garlic, feel free to try cooking up your mussels with a good mix of eggs, spinach, and avocado too!

5. Franks Free Range Sausages
Going Keto and missing out on snags!? No more! Not only are Franks Sausages Free-Range, made with natural ingredients, gluten-free, dairy-free, preservative-free, nitrate-free, colour-free but keto-friendly too!

There you have it why not try out a different eating style starting tonight? To share your keto journey, simply tag @eatthekiwi_homedelivery on Instagram!





1.Lewis Road 牛油(無鹽)

首先,這種草飼牛油可作防彈咖啡的理想配料,輕鬆助您排除Sugar Crash帶來的疑難,避免身體加以疲勞、得不償失。除此之外,您也可以將此牛油融化,變成製作其他調味料的成分之一。作為2019年新西蘭奶酪製品冠軍獎(Champion of Cheese Awards)的得主之一,利用Lewis Butter無添加鹽含量的牛油煮出一味好菜就最好不過!

2. Brinks 散養雞隻


3. Big Glory Bay 帝王三文魚柳

美味可口,而且百分百可追溯來源的海鮮絕對應該是您生酮飲食的一大部分。另外,新西蘭最南端Big Glory Bay當地的平均水溫只有攝氏14度!相對較低的水溫放緩了帝王三文魚的生長速度,為牠們提供了足夠時間去醞釀令人垂涎三尺的獨特味道。記得要用一些西蘭花奶酪來搭配這道菜喔!

4.Talley 熟食青口貽貝


5. Franks香腸(散養雞和豬)






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