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eat plant love.

eat plant love.

With health and plant based food in Hong Kong becoming an increasingly popular topic, we thought you might be interested in learning about a Kiwi company that’s busy feeding the world with their very own fresh and delicious plant-powered food.

Meet Food Nation! Their plant based patties, mince and balls have recently been crowned 'Best Meat Alternative' at the World Plant-based Awards (they also picked up 'best packaging'!) - woohoo! 

Their purpose isn’t exactly to mimic meat and rather to celebrate vegetables. Recognising that people have different diet persuasions, be they omnivore, carnivore, vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian, Food Nation simply plays the role of providing simple, healthy and delicious convenience.

Just like us, Food Nation places an emphasis on prioritising freshness and minimising processing. While there are no lack of debates on whether a plant-based diet is effective in satisfying one’s nutritional needs, what is proven is that Food Nation’s products are developed to provide, as they say, “a healthy mix of high fibre, nutrient rich complex carbohydrates from vegetables and legumes to supply you with a broad spectrum of whole food nutrition.”

Plants come with exclusive nutritional and functional benefits, aiding in one’s digestive functions, lowering risk for diseases and so much more. In every single one of their food packing, you will find ingredients that are high in B group vitamins, selenium, amino acids, proteins, and antioxidants. And the truth is that our bodies need a good mix of “basic building blocks,” often in the form of carbs, fats, protein and fibre, in order to properly function.

Amongst all of Food Nation’s products, we would say the Cauliflower, Turmeric & Ginger Happy Patties is one that can’t be missed given the ginger and turmeric that are both loved for their immunity boosting properties.

As we head deeper into autumn and temperatures begin to come down, let’s not forget that the threat of the resurgence of COVID in Hong kong is still very real, and that boosting one’s immunity has never been more important.

On that note, don’t forget to visit Food Nation’s own recipe page and pick your selection of Magic Mince, Happy Patties, and Amaze Balls today! Feel free to snap a selfie with your favourite Food Nation pack and tag @eatthekiwi_homedelivery on Instagram too - we can't wait to see your healthy and happy faces!



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