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eggs with mussel power.

eggs with mussel power.

The humble egg is one of the most versatile foods around. Scrambled, poached or fried, used in cakes, muffins or brownie and even raw in a smoothie (for you health nuts out there), it’s safe to say eggs have many, delicious uses.

Unfortunately, eggs often get a bad reputation. They are associated with pictures of oversized hens crammed into tiny metal cages. Consumers who care about the welfare of animals, the quality of their food and their impact on the environment couldn’t possibly eat eggs, right?

Wrong. Enter Frenz Free-Range, Organic and Non-GMO eggs. The hens freely roam clean and natural pastures and live in small flocks. These favourable conditions result in eggs that are higher in protein, lower in saturated fats and contain three times more natural Omega3. But wait, there’s more! Not only do Frenz Free-range eggs tick the animal welfare and quality boxes, Frenz are also doing their bit for the environment.

10 years ago, Rob Darby (the owner of FRENZ) learnt that mussels that are not fit for consumption, i.e. are broken or cracked, must be discarded by the fishermen. The discarded mussels can either be dumped in landfills or thrown overboard, neither option being very environmentally friendly. Hens love to eat protein, whether it be slugs, grass or worms, and Rob realised the huge potential for utilising the protein-rich mussel waste within his company.  

Now, 10 years later FRENZ announced that after a decade of research, they have developed a process to dry the mussel waste and turn it into chicken feed. This is a huge win, not only for the hens and the improved quality of their eggs, but also for the environment as mussel waste is no longer being dumped into our precious ocean or harmful landfills.

Luckily for you, here at Eat the Kiwi we strive to deliver only the best and it is easy to see how FRENZ eggs are quite simply the best of the best. Order a pack (or case) today and experience for yourself the FRENZ difference.

To see the video about how Frenz do this, click here. 



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