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hong kongs best pizza.

Pizza's best at it's freshest, right out of the oven. While making your own pizza at home results in the tastiest pizza, it's not usually the easiest task... Living in Hong Kong sends you all over the city trying to find simple, quality ingredients to create a simple pizza. Avoid the Pizza Marathon, order the Eat The Kiwi pizza Kit.

Fresh ✓ Easy ✓ Fast ✓ High-Quality Ingredients ✓ Easy to follow Recipe Card ✓

The Pizza Kit gives you all of the ingredients you need to make your own pizza at home. Along with all of the ingredients, you'll also receive a recipe card. Purchasing the Pizza Kit also gives you 20% off Grove Avocado Oil - nice! 

If your still not sure your pizza can possibly taste as good as your local pizza go-to, below are some tips to help you achieve pizza greatness. You already have the right ingredients, tools and a simple recipe — but a few tweaks in how you handle them can make all the difference.

1. Put down the phone, you can do this. 

2. Make sure your oven is hot (at least 280
°C). Also important - make sure the surface you are cooking your pizza on is hot. You need a cooking surface that heats up and stays hot. A pizza stone's great but if you don't have one, flip over an oven tray and leave it inside the oven while it gets up to temperature. Make your pizza on a piece of baking paper and (carefully) slide it into the oven when you're ready to go. 

3. Thick or Thin? The goal is to cook the base through, get it crispy and to ensure the cheese melts perfectly - all without burning it...If you like a thick base, your oven will need to be a little less hot, try 250°C. The thinner your pizza, the hotter your oven can be. 

4. Cold dough is a no no. 30 minutes before cooking, remove your dough from the fridge so it can warm to room temperature. This help's relax the gluten — allowing you to stretch your pizza into shape easily without overworking it (which makes the dough tough).

5. Stretch, don't roll. Once your dough is rested and warmed to room temperature, it will be very elastic and easy to stretch. You want to keep it that way. Skip the rolling pin (which will deflate the dough giving you a cardboard crust). Instead, put the ball of dough on a floured surface and use your fingers to gently pull from the centre to make a round or oval shape with a raised crust at the edge (not a perfect circle? we call that rustic, and everyone knows rustic pizza's always the best).

6. A thin layer of sauce. 
Unless you want a soggy crust.

7. Slice it thin, let it dry. Fresh mozzarella contains lots of water which can cook down into a milky puddle...To avoid this, slice it thin (no more than 5mm) and pat them dry with a paper towel before placing onto your pizza. 

Enjoy making the Freshest, Tastiest Pizza in all of Hong Kong - your own. We'd love to see your creation - tag us on Instagram @eatthekiwi_hk or pop us an email hello@eatthekiwi.com. 



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