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Frozen Dumplings

dumpling you should know.

When it comes to dumplings, no one's fussy: fried, boiled or steamed; we wont(on) them all. We love them, you love them, is it possible to not love dumplings?

In Hong Kong, they often feature pork or prawns, but for the most part, they involve dough with vegetables along with a few other basic ingredients. It's the humble nature of dumplings that steals people’s hearts - so simple, so perfect. 

When buying dumplings to cook at home, things get a little trickier though. Suddenly the trust we have for the faithful dumpling diminishes. Whilst they're a tasty snack, how healthy are they? Where were they made? Do they contain msg, colours, preservatives and additives? Let your worries be put to rest...

Leanne's Dumplings use fresh, NZ sourced produce. 

They're what we called 'nude' dumplings, made without the use of msg, colouring, preservatives or any other additives - just fresh Kiwi goodness. 

They are a satisfying snack or part of a meal. Perfect for little ones too, with no spice and natural ingredients only.

Simply steam, pan fry or boil and serve with your favourite condiment. There are 6 flavours available, click here to see.



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