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how to cheese board.

how to cheese board.

Make a cheese board and you will be loved. Cheese boarding is very easy, it's quick and makes people think you've really got things together.

Don't take it too seriously, but don't just dump everything on the board either, you're goal is organised chaos. Choose your ingredients wisely, put things together that taste good when eaten in one bite and keep it rustic.

1. Board. Easy right? If you only have one board, that will work just fine...move to step 2. If you've a hoard of boards, the stress kicks in prematurely for you. You have a little more to consider - what is the shape of the table you will be presenting it on? What colour will work best? Round or square? Wood or stone? Just pick one, trust your instinct, you can do it. If you have nothing that suits, visit 'Man Kee chopping boards'. The selection is grand and they can custom make boards for you too, perfection is a possibility. 

2. Cheese. A Soft one, a stinky one, a hard one. Have a range of strengths, colours and shapes. Keep them whole ('keep it rustic'). Our classic 'go to's' are the Kapiti Pakari Cheddar, Kikorangi Blue and Kahikatea Camenbert.

3. Salty. Nuts or olives work well. Put down the bowl, use your hands, make piles. 

4. Crackers. A mix is fun and the textures look great. Wafers and water crackers work, lavosh will snazzy things up. 

5. Condiments. Two words, Raw honeycomb. Try this with the Kikorangi Blue. The amount of pleasure this bite will bring you is almost publicly embarrassing. Be warned it's that good and your life will change at this point. 

6. Sweet. Dried or fresh fruit (strawberries or sliced pear work well to fill gaps).

You could stop here but if you're an over achiever or if you're wanting a really, seriously instagramable cheese board that will launch you in fame continue to Step 7. 

7. Garnish. Secret garden. Is this step the most important? Heck no. Does it look good, absolutely! The garnish is the game changer and where you'll get all those extra 'oohs and ahhs' and 'wow, you shouldn't haves'. The secret garden's edible flowers are perfect for the job, adding colour and wow factor. 

Go forth and cheese board. 5 minutes of effort and a lifetime of memories. 



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