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te mana lamb sheep in chicory paddock

the good fat.

In Maori, Te Mana means prestige, status and spiritual power; a perfectly fitting name for a lamb so radically different and unashamedly backed as the worlds best.

 But what makes it so great!?

For a long time, the lamb was bred to be lean. Whether for it's texture, taste or health, fat was bad. Farmers jumped on board to thin down their flocks and in turn consumers became happier, result! ...Right?

Well, the same cannot be said for the lambs. Although at their leanest, they were unhealthy and struggling to survive in New Zealand's tough high country environment. Following this realisation a very special project began involving geneticists and 16 very committed Southland farmers. 

After 10-years of hard work, TE MANA LAMB was born. While breeding sheep to be healthier and better adapted to their environment, something was found that had never before been seen in lamb. A new type of sheep was discovered with a different type of fat, an intramuscular fat, higher in Omega-3. The secret lies in a herb. 

TE MANA LAMB is finished on Chicory, which contains an abundance of goodness. Not only does this give the lamb a beautiful, mild flavour but also naturally elevates the levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids, intramuscular fat and omega-3 fats, now know as 'good fats'.

While beneficial to our health, TE MANA LAMB also tastes unbelievably good thanks to its micro-scale marbling; something never before seen in lamb. It's delicate, sweet and succulent and doesn’t leave a layer of fat on the roof of the mouth, like regular lamb can, resulting in an entirely new mouth feel.

This is not simply lamb, this is TE MANA LAMB. Food from heaven. But don't just take it from us...

Each year, a small selection of leading international chefs visit New Zealand farms and restaurants to learn first hand the story behind TE MANA LAMB.

The tour sees guest chefs from around the world experience first-hand the passion of the farmers, the provenance and terroir of New Zealand and the unique flavours and textures this creates. 

In 2018, Silvio Armanni (Executive Chef of Octavium) and Jim Löfdahl (Executive Chef of Frantzen's Kitchen) ventured to the land of the long white cloud for this annual adventure. Both chefs continue to use TE MANA LAMB in signature dishes in their restaurants. Watch more of their trip below!




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