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new goodness, deer milk.

new goodness, deer milk.

Is there a fitness fanatic who secretly lives inside you? Do you have a sweet tooth that has led to your great liking of all things too sweet? And when New Zealand comes to mind, do you too often think only about sheep?

It’s OK if you do! After all, the four-legged white and fluffy animal is everywhere - from our beautiful mountains to peaceful lakesides; quiet open roads to busy farms. As such, you would be forgiven to think all of our milk came only from sheep.

With Pāmu Deer Milk joining the eat the kiwi selections of New Zealand’s most exclusive and rarest ingredients, you can now add yet another taste of our culture to your dinner table!

“Pāmu” is a Māori word for ’to farm,’ reflecting our deep connections to the land of the Kiwi.

Naturally rich in protein and high in fat, the deliciousness and the creamy taste that comes only in deer milk is not only the perfect treat to your taste bud - it’s also the necessary complement to your workout routines in order for you to hit the ground running, especially now that gyms are beginning to reopen in Hong Kong!

As if that’s not good enough, Pāmu Deer Milk’s farm in the unspoiled and pristine South Island has continuously served as the perfect areas for deers to freely roam across its vast open fields - It’s no wonder why they’ve been recognised with the Novel Food or Beverage Award at the prestigious Massey University New Zealand Food Awards!

With great ingredients, come great food and we're here to help with that. According to Geoff Scott (sometimes known as Geoff the Chef), who’s no stranger to creating recipes with Pāmu Deer Milk, making your very own Hokkaido Milk Bread could well be the perfect use of such a special and rare ingredient. Our Pamu Deer Milk Recipe Kit contains all of the key ingredients you need to whip up a luxuriously soft batch of Hokkaido Style Deer Milk Buns. 

With double the fat content, higher protein, and a sweeter taste compared to other milk, rest assured your deliciously rich and slightly sweet bread will serve as the ultimate pleasure to your taste buds!

We can’t wait to see the pretty pictures of your kitchen success, feel free to tag @eatthekiwi_homedelivery on Instagram - happy cooking!


當提及到新西蘭時,您是否很多時都只聯想到綿羊? 的確,從美麗的山嶺到平靜的湖泊; 安靜的道路到繁忙的農場 — 這種白雪雪、軟綿綿的可愛動物在新西蘭的確無處不在。所以,衍生出「新西蘭只出產羊奶」這種想法絕對是人之常情。

eat the kiwi 現為您介紹直到目前為新西蘭獨有,出產自Pāmu的全世界第一款鹿奶,好讓你能將當地另一樣美食加到您的餐單上!


不知道您是否一個熱愛健身,但同時又愛好甜食的人呢?鹿奶含有豐富的蛋白質及脂肪,它獨有的奶滑口感及味道不只是一種味覺享受 ,亦是您運動健身時不可或缺的補充品,在健身室開始重開的這段時間尤其重要!

另外,Pāmu鹿奶來自生活在新西蘭南島的鹿隻,它們在無際的草原上自由奔走,環境潔淨且沒有污染,難怪它們獲得了久負盛名,由Massey University (梅西大學) New Zealand Food Awards所頒發的 Novel Food or Beverage Award新穎食品大獎)

上等食材是造就高質素食物的元素之一。而新西蘭大廚Geoff Scott就經常將Pāmu鹿奶加入他的食譜中,利用此上等食材來做北海道牛奶麵包簡直就是完美之配 — 記得參考我們的提供的食譜

Pāmu 的鹿奶為您提供雙倍脂肪及更高的蛋白質,喝起來亦比其他奶類製品甜,用它焗製出來的甜味麵包保證一試難忘!

eat the kiwi 很期待看到您的製成品 — 記得在 Instagram標籤@eatthekiwi_homedelivery !




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