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Cuba Libre for the summer

Cuba Libre for the summer

When we think about our Six Barrel products, we occasionally do get that ‘our hands are tied’ feeling—not because we don’t know what to mix it with; it’s just that there simply are too many options, and that they are all too good to pass on.

Though, with summer approaching hot and fast, we do tend to believe that the Soda Cola Syrup would be the essential ingredient for your very own glass of Cuba Libre. Let’s cut to the chase:

All you need to start with is 60ml shots of silver rum, 30ml shots of the Soda Cola Syrup, 120ml of the Club Soda, and finally, a lime wedge for garnish.

And you’re well on your way to your highball cocktail, just follow 4 simple steps—

1. Like you would for a good summer drink, fill the glass with some ice cubes.

2. Give the lime wedges a good muddle with a wooden spoon as supposed to just squeezing them in! Doing that at the bottom of your highball glass will help in the release of the oils of the fruit—giving it more of a citrus flavoring.

3. Add 60ml shots of silver rum! The original Cuba Libre likely used white rum, but aged rum makes it tastes even better with light flavorings of vanilla, coconut, or even almond!

4. Finally, gently pour in 30ml of the Six Barrel Soda Cola Syrup followed up another 120ml of club soda.

There you have it!

This classic cocktail has a century of history and a refreshing, nuanced flavor. And while not all ingredients are from our New Zealand home, you do get a good taste—or mix, rather—of the Kiwi (hello, Six Barrel!) and Cuban cultures, considering that the name “Cuba Libre” literally means “Free Cuba” in English!

If you’re looking for other cocktail options, how about the Classic Mojito? And if not, how do the Classic Daiquiri or the El Presidente Cocktail sound? They’re all classic Cuban cocktails!

Don’t just get drinking once you’re done mixing—take a picture and tag us on Instagram @eatthekiwihk!



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