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coronavirus grocery delivery update.

covid update.

We'd like you to know that you can expect the same consistent deliveries from eat the kiwi.

  • This morning we had confirmation from Air New Zealand that there will be
    no disruptions to export flights between New Zealand and Hong Kong; 
  • Our suppliers are committed to continue supporting eat the kiwi and have no problems maintaining their standard levels of high quality.

This means…

  • You can expect consistent arrival of all of your favourite products. 

If your in a situation where you're self-isolating or quarantined at home we can still deliver your groceries to your home. Just be sure to pop a note in your delivery instructions, something like 'please leave my box at the front door' will do the trick! 

We'll pop you a message upon delivery so you know when you can reach outside the door to pick it up. Our biodegradable/ HDPE Wool Cool insulating lining will help to ensure everything stays frosty fresh until you get your hands on it. 

The unprecedented situation is evolving day by day but we’re confident consistency is not a problem. This said, we’ll keep you updated on any necessary changes to our service!

See you soon!


Rebekah Bradley

Hi Kary,

We usually can take back the wool cool whereafter we sanitise and reuse it but have recently stopped following the third wave of COVID. We’ll start taking it back again once cases are down. Wool Cool is specifically designed for the delivery of chilled and frozen foods. It’s been trialled and tested to keep products within cool temperature ranges to ensure our deliveries always arrive in top condition! This also means we can avoid delivering in refrigerated trucks, a vehicle mother nature isn’t too keen on.

Wool Cool is cool because it’s 99% biodegradable. The outer layer is an HDPE plastic which is one of the few plastics that can be recycled in Hong Kong. The inner is 100% NZ sheep’s wool – this can be disposed of as normal; it will become soil over time adding valuable nitrates back into the earth.

-Becks, eat the kiwi

Rebekah Bradley

Hi! I bought two boxes frozen food from your website last 2 weeks~ the packaging was awesome! May know if I can return those wool packing to you? I am looking forward to your reply, thanks!


Rebekah Bradley

I will love your delivery with goods



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