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Request for Credit / Returns

As per our food safety plan, the following products can be returned if contact is made within 24 hours of delivery:

  • All Dry Goods including all beverages not requiring temperature control, if the packaging remains intact.
  • Fruit and Vegetables kept in their original packaging can be returned within 24 hours of delivery.
  • All items, if returned to our drivers immediately and the packaging and cool chain has been deemed to be unbroken.

Items which cannot be returned due to Food Safety Regulations in conjunction with our Food Safety Plan include:

  • All meat, dairy, frozen or other items requiring temperature control.
  • Any item that has been opened.

A request for credit form will need to be completed before any product can be returned. Simply complete the form and phone us to organise collection. This way we can ensure we maintain the highest food safety standards and can manage any returns appropriately. No returns will be accepted by our drivers unless prior arrangement has been made through our Customer Services Team.


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