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choose the kiwi. Shop from over 300 carefully chosen, high quality New Zealand ingredients from our sustainable grocery store in Hong Kong. As the seasons change, so do our ingredients. Next day delivery is possible, just order by 10am.

source the kiwi. We've teamed up with some of New Zealand's best and most passionate farmers, growers, and producers to find the freshest and tastiest food available for you to order from our online grocery store that delivers straight to your home in Hong Kong.

deliver the kiwi. Our deliveries are made every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. We deliver your online grocery shopping fresh, right to your doorstep in our recyclable Eat The Kiwi boxes to various locations in Hong Kong.


Fresh and seasonal

Our goodness comes direct from our NZ's top farmers and producers. Cutting out the middleman creates a more eco-friendly grocery store with less handling, higher quality and better value.

Sustainably sourced

We are proud to be amongst the few grocery stores in Hong Kong that support sustainable seafood, having partnered with trusted and sustainably certified fisheries only.

Chef approved

In addition to homes, we supply over 200 of Hong Kong's top restaurants, hotels and clubs. Quality and food safety are important for these groups, standards we carry through to your front door too.  


We only source from farms with fresh air, lush pastures and animals that are free-range or free roaming.

No hormones, no antibiotics

All of our meat is steroid free, hormone free and antibiotic free. In fact, hormones have been banned in New Zealand for over 30 years!

Recyclable icepacks and packaging

If plastics not needed, we won't use it. You can expect your fruit and vegetables to be packed loose.

Frequently Asked Questions

I love your online grocery store, do you have a physical location in Hong Kong where I can do my shopping in person?

We’re delighted that you enjoy our sustainable grocery store! However, we currently don’t have a physical store and only offer online shopping options for home or office delivery.

Where is your seafood sourced from?

As one of Hong Kong’s few sustainable grocery stores, we take caring for our environment very seriously. We work closely with all of our suppliers and understand that ‘high-quality’ refers to not only the product itself but the way it’s produced; it’s effect on the land, the people and ensuring that all practises are ethical and sustainable. Our major seafood partner is Sanford, the only major seafood company to have maintained the ISO 14001 environmental certification across New Zealand for the last 10 years.

I don’t have a compost, how do I dispose of the Woolcool lining?

The cool thing about WoolCool is that it’s biodegradable and compostable. If you have a garden, you can pop it in there and it will naturally breakdown into soil over time. If like for most Hong Konger’s where a garden is a distant dream, not to worry – you can still be environmentally friendly too! Just dispose of your WoolCool as usual, it will become soil in the regular landfill too. If you’d like to support us in being 1 step cleaner and greener, hand the WoolCool back to your delivery person upon the drop of on your next order. We can take it back, sanitise and reuse it – nice!

For more information on our eco-friendly WoolCool lining check out our blog post here!

Are all the products you carry in your sustainable grocery store organic?

We stock a growing range of organic goods but not all products are of this nature. Being one of Hong Kong’s eco-friendly grocery delivery stores is what matters to us first and foremost. We take the utmost care in providing goodness that is first and foremost free-range/ sustainably produced/ grass-fed/ hormone-free and naturally good!

How can I find out more information about the products you carry?

You can learn about our products on their individual product pages. If you have any questions, thoughts or concerns, just drop us a message at hello@eatthekiwi.com or reach out to us on live chat.