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valentine's goodness

valentine's goodness

At Eat The Kiwi, we are no stranger to the phrase “everyday is Valentine's Day when you are with the right person,“ but we also believe that with the right food, we can spice up your relationship a little.

How about a night of cooking together and mixing drinks, pretty romantic! We've decided to make your life easier by featuring some of our best kitchen — and bar — goodness that's bound to be useful on, and beyond, the14th.

From a romantic dish that takes centerstage at the dinner table to the sweet (and healthy) dessert that tops off your lover’s appetite, and the drink that you both ought to share after putting the kids to bed, we have just what you need here at Eat The Kiwi.

Starting off, we have our Roasted Langoustines (Scampi) with Lemon Herb Marinade. Treat yourself and your partner to some sustainably-sourced wild langoustine. The white, meaty flesh is sweet and delicate -- best left to shine on its own! We've also added just a few complementary flavours to keep the dish light and fresh.

Taking your intimate night to the next level, we have our favourite Honey and Ginger Glazed Carrots Recipe Kit and Green Beans with Lemon and Almonds Recipe Kit — they are like two peas in a pod! The strong and sweet flavouring of the former perfectly compliments the forgiving and slightly sour taste of the latter, it’s almost as if they’re made just for this romantic occasion!

We get it — having 2 side dishes just isn't enough. That’s why we also recommend The Caker’s Coconut Raspberry Kaffir Lime Kit. We all like a little bit of sweetness in our lives, whether it’s through romance or the simple pleasure stemmed from a tasty dessert. With The Caker, you are guaranteed to be pleased — the intensely fresh and fragrant flavour will be your best company well into valentine evening.

There simply is no match for this raspberry laden cake, and it’s definitely not one to miss for this romantic yearly occasion.

To wind down after your romantic evening — or if you have kids and just want some intimate time after they have gone to bed — how about a sip of red? Thankfully, we at Eat The Kiwi have prepared a selection of wine. 

And if you would rather DIY your own drinks, how about our Scapegrace Gin Kit? Sharing is caring, and that begins with sharing your love of relaxation (read: gin) with your significant other.

Bruce Springsteen once sang, “Everybody’s got a hungry heart.” And with it -- sugar, anyone?



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