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summer goodness.

summer goodness.

Kiwi Summers are sweet as. It's all about relaxing, taking time off work for BBQS, spending extra time at the beach and just generally enjoying the great outdoors. Everyones especially laid back and there are tonnes of simple pleasures to enjoy from the company of friends and family to the fruits (and vegetables) that the sun brings with it. 

Some you love, some you hate. There are classics, while others are a little weird or somewhat familiar. They come in many forms but one things for sure, NZ soils are magic and produce some darn tasty goods, especially in Summer. 

This week there are a few new fresh products joining our basket of Kiwi goodness. Check them out below. 


The most controversial vegetable of them all is now in season. These miniature cabbages are packed with goodness and when cooked right, can taste pretty darn good. If you're not so sure about Brussel Sprouts, check out our Instagram story! Maybe we can sway you over to the green side. 

brussel sprouts


This is a Kiwano. It's also known as a Horned Melon, isn't it glorious. Despite looking like something from space, the Kiwano is grown in NZ. It has a subtle taste resembling cucumber and kiwi fruit and a jelly like texture. They're great for garnishing exotic drinks and making salads a little fancy. 

kiwano horned melon


Just like a kiwi fruit, only tiny and furless! These are Kiwi Berries and they've just come into season. Bite sized poppers packed full of kiwi goodness, literally. They won't be around for long so treat yo' self while you can. 

kiwi berries

If you use any of these fruity delights be sure to share with us how you're using them! Whether its in a cooked creation or your enjoying as is, we'd love to see what you create, just #eatthekiwi to show us how you eat the kiwi. 

Kiwi Berry photo credit to: Champagne & Paper Planes (whose written an excellent mini guide on Kiwi Berries, check it out!)

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