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new goodness, seedlip.

new goodness, seedlip.

With healthy eating and drinking on the horizon — and no less with the holiday season just around the corner — we thought this might just be the right time to share with you the answer to the age old question “what to drink when you’re not drinking.”

With the introduction of Seedlip in late 2015, the choice for those not drinking alcohol has since welcomed a much needed addition. The good news is, while Seedlip was originally rooted in the English countryside, you are now able to make your own choice of alcohol-free cocktail using the award-winning drink!

Grove & Cola Six

To start, prepare 50ml of Seedlip Grove 42, 30ml of Cola Six Syrup, 90ml of soda water, and 1 orange twist.

Step 1 — Add liquids apart from the Soda to a Collins Glass.
Step 2 — Fill your glass with plenty of ice to avoid melting (and diluting your drink), top with Soda and lift the drink to mix. 
Step 3 — Garnish your drink with the Orange Twist.

Spice Club

While this one might be a little more complicated to make, the result is truly worth it. Without further ado, let’s begin!

Prepare the following ingredients: 50ml of Seedlip Spice 94, 20ml of Fresh Lemon Juice, 20ml of Raspberry Cordial*, 25ml of Egg White, and 3 Fresh As Whole Dried Raspberry.

Step 1 — Add liquids and egg white to a shaker, then proceed to dry shake them.
Step 2 — Add ice into the mix, shake and double strain into a coupe.
Step 3 — Garnish with Dried Raspberry & Lemon Oil.

*Raspberry Cordial: prepare 250ml of Water, 200g of White Sugar, and 10g of Fresh As Raspberry Powder. Add all ingredients to a pan and simmer until all solids are dissolved. Fine strain, through coffee filter if necessary into a vessel. Store refrigerated for up to one month, and your 250ml of raspberry cordial will be ready!

“The days of lime & soda are over, sugary carbonated or fruit juice-based drinks just won’t do.” This is the beginning of a drinks revolution, and an end to feeling left out at drinking and social events.



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