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new goodness, zenkuro.

new goodness, zenkuro.

With summer comes all the outdoor activities we love - BBQ's, picnics, music festivals, boat parties, hikes and more. The pandemic took away many of these but one thing has remained constant - the ability to enjoy a refreshing summer drink (while at home of course).

So, what better timing than now to introduce you to our newest supplier, Zenkuro.

From the South Island of New Zealand, near Queenstown (best known as the ‘Adventure Capital of the World’) Zenkuro brings you just what you need to keep calm, enjoy life, and stay healthy - Premium Sake.


Zenkuro or  ‘全黑’ in Japanese - means ‘all’ (zen) and ‘black’ (kuro), and is a symbol of balanced strength, passion, pride, and determination to succeed. Sound familiar? 

That’s right - it’s also the name of our national rugby team, the All Blacks!

The Zenkuro journey began in 2014 when good pals Dave, Yoshi, Craig, and Richard brought an answer to the question “Why don’t we start New Zealand’s first sake brewery?”

That innocent question ignited their interests in finding the crossroad between their own unique connections to Japan and the place they call home, NZ. 

The team set to it and have since become integral parts of Zenkuro with varying degrees of participation and expertise.

6 years on their work of art can be found across many parts of the world, having taken it to as far as the UK (where they won multiple awards at the London Sake Challenge) and most recently Hong Kong.

The bottle of Zenkuro that appears on your table is entirely handmade, with well-polished rice mixed with pure New Zealand water from the Southern Alps. At an alcohol level of 14.5%, Zenkuro sits at the same level as a typical red or white wine, making it an easy addition to your evenings. 

As New Zealand’s “first and only” sake brewery, we have no doubt that Zenkuro will bring you a new and unique taste of New Zealand with a hint of Japan, all without having to leave Hong Kong; the adventure we've all been looking for but have had COVID hinder.

Click here to learn more about Zenkuro or click here to see the range and purchase a bottle to enjoy yourself.






Zenkuro的日文翻譯為「全部」(Zen) 和「黑色」(kuro),並象徵著力量、熱情、自豪感和成功的決心。同時,全黑隊亦是新西蘭國家橄欖球隊的名字喔!

今時今日,每一杯出廠的Zenkuro清酒均經由人手製作,並將已打磨過的大米與來自南阿爾卑斯山的純淨軟水混合在一起。 Zenkuro的酒精含量為14.5%,與市面上的紅葡萄酒和白葡萄酒類似。





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