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rescuing kiwifruit.

rescuing kiwifruit.

Each year, approximately 30,000 tonnes of fresh kiwifruit are rejected in New Zealand. Although this fruit is 100% pure, export-ready, stringently audited and EUREP Gap approved, it is a little short, a little odd, or a little wonky. Kiwi Bites believe every kiwifruit is beautiful, so they rescue the perfectly natural kiwifruit from local Kerikeri pack-houses and cool-stores.

The Kiwi Bites team capture the goodness of fresh kiwifruit by slicing & drying them over 16 hours at low temperatures to lock in and concentrate all the nutrients, enzymes and vitamins. A great way to get your 5+ a day!

By drying pure New Zealand kiwifruit, 1000kgs can become 100kgs, saving on land, storage space, refrigeration, shipping and carbon miles. Concentrating all the goodness of kiwifruit into small but mighty Kiwi Bites is a healthy solution for our communities and our environment.

Your Kiwi Bites snack is ready-to-eat in compostable packaging - waste not, want not – going all the way looking after ourselves and our planet.



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