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The Coronavirus; it's been haunting Hong Kong for a few weeks now and it seems it's here to stay a little longer. 

It's likely you already know that wearing a mask and upping the handwashing effort are common ways to keep the virus at bay but there's something just as important you can be doing to avoid the Wuflu...

staying healthy and making an extra effort to strengthen your immunity. Be proactive, and give your body what it needs to fight off the nasties. 

Here's our list of naturally occurring goodness that can help you stay strong during this particularly rough flu season:

Reduce the length and the severity of the flu (if you already have it). If you're still healthy, an extra dose can strengthen your immune system. 

When we feel an itch in the throat, a glass of fresh OJ is generally the first thing we grab. But, the thing is, a medium-size orange only has 69.7 mg of Vitamin C, which is actually less than that of many other common fruits and veggies.

Here are some equally tasty fruit and vegetables which are packed full of more Vitamin C than the average orange:
- Capsicums (190mg per capsicum)
- Kale (80mg per cup)
- Broccoli (130mg per cup)
- Strawberries (87mg per cup)
- Kiwifruit (70mg per fruit)

Long-chain omega-3 fatty acids may help to boost the immune system by enhancing the functioning of immune cells. 

Salmon is the obvious one here but we've got something else that's packed full of these good fats, Te Mana Lamb (and for the month of February its free*). 

- King Salmon has the highest Omega-3 levels of all Pacific salmon.
- Te Mana Lamb has more Omega-3s than any other red meat. 

Did you know that your gut houses 70% of the immunity cells in your body? Best we keep it healthy and give it lots of good stuff! Probiotics are full of the type of bacteria that our gut needs to push away baddies and absorb the goodness. 

One of the best sources of probiotics is yoghurt. We've got a few options:
- Hansells Yoghurt Powder is used to make your own yoghurt and its so easy!
- The Collective Greek Yoghurt is your every day, well priced, thick and creamy Greek yoghurt. 
- Zany Zeus Greek Yoghurt is decadent. If super thick and creamy is what your after, this yoghurt is likely your new best friend. 
- Raglan Coconut Yoghurt has 2 ingredients - organic coconut cream and millions of live probiotics. You can see it's plant-based, and it's an eat the kiwi favourite.

*Add the 'Te Mana Lamb Small Bone-In leg' to your cart, use the code FEBRUARY at the checkout and receive it for free! Total spend must be over $500, valid until February 29th 2020, while stocks last.



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