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foggy season goodness

foggy season goodness

It’s March, meaning the misty and foggy season of the year is in full swing! For those of us who fear the worst that humidity has to offer — which includes affecting our bodily functions and moods — fear not, as we’ve done some research and gathered a list of food that will help you with just that.

First of all, and this might surprise you, but increase your liquid intake!

We know this might surprise you, but it’s not without a reason — increasing water intake, according to researches, have the magical power of helping you mitigate mood swings, which is also one of the many causes of fatigue!

We aren’t just talking about water here either — try juices, teas, and of course, coconut water! What’s more, polyphenols — known for keeping your blood pressure levels and blood vessels in check, hence promoting good circulation — are found in young plants, including coconut water! They also make a natural source of antioxidants!

Also try out some bitter food

We get it — not everyone’s a fan of bitter food, but hear us out!

While the peculiar taste of many bitter and pungent-flavored goodness might not always be a popular item on the dinner table, some of these vegetables, such as broccoli and citrus (blood oranges, lemons, limes, and different grapefruits) are packed with calcium that help maintain your body’s core internal temperature!

High-fibre goodness are also good for you

Are you a fan of whole grains bread? As it turns out, high-fiber food such as berries, pears, peas, beans, potatoes (skin-on), and many other vegetables are also particularly good for this humid season!

Every single one of the these goodness has the ability to relax your muscle and nerve cells, as well as to increase the absorption of calcium in the blood stream alongside high levels of magnesium, helping you maintain a more constant body temperature!

Of course, this list is by no means conclusive — feel free to cater your meals to your own taste preference, but don’t forget to top them off with these healthy goodness!

At last, irregardless of whether you’re particularly sensitive to dampness or humid weather, the best tip that we can give is to eat seasonally! Stay in touch with us on social media @eatthekiwihk and find out what our latest seasonal products are!



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