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recipe kit by peggy chan.

recipe kit by peggy chan.

From managing Hong Kong’s first fine-dining vegan restaurant Grassroots Pantry and overseeing Nectar, to publishing her own digital cookbook Provenance and heading sustainable food consultancy Grassroots Initiatives, Peggy Chan has seen and done it all herself.

When Eat The Kiwi launched in Hong Kong 5 years ago--back when we strictly supplied top restaurants, hotels and clubsGrassroots Pantry was one of our first customers! Over the years, Peggy has been using lots of kiwi goodness with the Raglan coconut yoghurt, the Secret Garden salad mix, and Frenz eggs often making appearances on the menu.

In a 2019 interview, she even spoke about Grassroots Pantry being a channel to “offer something that is unconventional,” by “creating a holistic impact in our society.” The main driving force behind Peggy’s work is simple, groundbreaking, and inspiring.

But just what did Peggy mean by “unconventional"? Eat The Kiwi had a chance to find out, as Peggy recently became our first chef partner—pioneering our chef recipe series by first cooking up the Moroccan Mushroom Hemp Wraps with Cilantro Coconut Raita.

This recipe emphasises a plant-based diet, evident through its use of Food Nation’s Mushroom Hemp Magic Mince. Yet, if there was one thing that makes it truly spectacular, it would be how seamlessly the Raglan Coconut Yoghurt Raita went together with the wrap—mixing chewy with soft, warm with cool.

And the good news doesn’t end there—packing together fresh mushrooms, legumes, herbs and spices means you’re being treated to a delicious and healthy meal.

While mushroom brings to the table (literally) a source of Vitamin D—an important component in bone and immune health, legumes offers a dietary and soluble fibre—helping us keep our blood cholesterol levels. Herbs and spices, on the other hand, comes in handy with its health benefits that include improving brain function and memory, lowering blood sugar levels, and creating an anti-diabetic effect.

All in all, we just can’t find an excuse to turn down a simple, healthy and delicious meal like this one.

With tasty dish comes huge prizes—snap a photo of your finished wraps and tag us at @eatthekiwihk and Peggy @chefpeggychan, and be in to win a table for 4 at Ma... and The Seeds of Life  (4 x 4-course set lunch and a bottle of prosecco, valued at $2,000)—who could turn that down?! Winner will be announced on Feb 254th via email.

As Chef Tina Barrat herself put it in an interview with Hong Kong Tatler, “making everything from scratch in the kitchen reveals the true taste of the food and nourishes the body as it was naturally intended to do,” said the jewellery designer-turned chef. “I’ve always intended that my cuisine should build a bridge between vegans and non-vegans.”

Frankly, we couldn’t care less if you're strictly vegan—this is a meal for all! Including plants in your diet and reducing the amount of animal proteins you consume is important for the fate of our planet, and as you'll know, mother nature is always considered at eat the kiwi.



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