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The Meet Co.純素植物漢堡扒(2塊 x 113g)

量度單位: 2 x 113g
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On that smoky size, that warm satisfaction of long afternoons around the barbie, savouring juicy, meaty goodness...but did we mention that these little beauties are meat free? All-beef taste and texture, but without the bulls!

Even the biggest (or littlest) food-lovers agree on MEET, no matter what they like to eat. That’s because with MEET, you can have your “meat” and eat it too, with satisfaction in every sense - no compromise. 

Full flavour and perfect texture, a good source of protein and iron, low in saturated fat with a 4 star and above health rating.

Our plant-based ingredients let health and happiness MEET in one delicious package. 

No need to worry about mopey moos or sad clucks either, that’s the power of plants!

MEET lets you feel good from the moment you pop it in the trolley through to the moment it’s in your mouth. And that’s what eating is all about isn’t it? Feeling healthy, feeling happy and feeling good.

*Frozen, Vegan