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Pongs Creek Cherries

World Class Cherries
Grown in Otago, New Zealand
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Grown in Central Otago, South Island, New Zealand.

Pong’s Creek Cherry gift box.

The Pongs Creek Cherry orchard grows two varieties of cherry, Staccato and Sweetheart. Both varieties produce large fruit of a rich red colour, firm red flesh and deep complex taste.

The fruit matures toward the end of the New Zealand season and is very short making this precious fruit a special rarity. The cherries are ready to pick late January/early February. This perfectly aligns with the Chinese New Year and makes a gift from the land where those from Pong Woo once reaped the benefits, possible once again.

18 large (32mm+) Pong’s Creek Cherries per box.


At a latitude of approximately 45 degrees south, bound between the Pisa Mountains and the Clutha River lies Pongs Creek. A creek named after Pong Woo, a village in the Guangzhou province where many of the Chinese gold miners came from during the Central Otago gold rush in the 1870s. It’s fresh and pristine glacial waters travel through the Robert family’s small orchard which has adopted the name of the creek itself.


Pong’s Creek Orchard was once a glacial bed and now forms part of an extensive river terrace consisting of free draining healthy soils ideal for cherry growing. In addition to the soils, Otago’s temperate climate, cold winters, short and intensely hot summers with low humidity create a paradise for cherries to flourish. With 16 hours of sunlight each day and a large diurnal temperature range, Pong’s Creek’s cherries grow slow and have especially an high concentration of sugar, firm flesh and a rich red exterior.


From panning to picking, the Pong’s Creek soils continue be a source of wealth. The spectacular but short-lived yield of gold served to open up the region to those who appreciated that the soils could yield much more than just a metallic harvest. The soils, among other factors, now create the perfect environment for today’s red gold; World Class Cherries.


Pongs Creek Cherry Orchard grows, and exports, modern varieties of cherries including Stella, Lapin, Sweetheart & Staccato. These varieties produce large fruit, dark red in colour, firm red flesh and a sweet complex taste. The fruit matures toward the end of the New Zealand season in January. This perfectly aligns with the Chinese New Year and makes a gift from the land possible once again, where those from Pong Woo once reaped the benefits as they dug for gold in central Otago many years ago.


The Cherries are handpicked and go into the “cold chain” within an hour. They are then readied for dispatch and are exported within 48 hours. This ensures they arrive at market in the same condition in which they came off the tree. The Roberts family pride themselves on the fast movement of their boutique cherries. Being hands on owner operators ensures their care and quality is consistent year to year.

Pongs Creek Orchard is NZGAP accredited (New Zealand Good Agricultural Practice), and follows New Zealand`s Summer Green Protocol.

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